Hair Growth Shampoo Anti Hair Loss Shampoo Hair Care Products Hair Regrowth Treatment Conditioner Thickener Men Women 400ml


Quality guarantee period:3 years


Skin-friendly and mild ingredients, without adding dyes andwaxes, it can gently cleanse hair and pores, no residuum,not irritate the scalp. Comfortable and gentle formula, protectthe scalp health, and then nourish hair root, good for hair

Oil comfortable growth environment, can be used every day.

Shampoo Usage:

1.Moist hair first.

2.Apply a proper amount of shampoo on the hair,gently wash hair for some minutes, and massage the scalp.

3.Rinse hair with clean water.

Suitable for hair:

Oily scalp, alopecia, soft and thin hair

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One Unit

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Hair Growth Shampoo



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Feature 1

Hair Growth Shampoo Conditioner

Feature 2

Anti Hair Loss Products

Feature 3

Hair Care Regrowth

15 reviews for Hair Growth Shampoo Anti Hair Loss 400ml

  1. Customer

    The dyed hair hurts the hair, and the hair loss is more than usual. The smell is not strong, the scent is light, and the scalp is refreshing. The key is that it really has an effect on preventing hair loss. The hair is not so fragile. I bought three bottles with my colleagues in the unit and I really grew my hair after use. The bottle is quite big, and my colleague also thinks it is good

  2. Customer

    I have run out of two bottles and it really works. In the past, the hair would be oily in one day, but now it will be very oily in three days. There is less hair loss, and small hairs grow on the temples. Continue to insist, hope that the volume will increase

  3. Customer

    the order came and very quickly, applied on freshly wrinkled hair for 15 minutes, the effect is also very cool, the hair became very soft and smooth, I highly recommend

  4. Customer

    This is a good product for hair growth and healthy hair. I have tried several hair care products before, but this product has complementary products that can perfectly coordinate the health of hair. I noticed the baby’s hair, and my hair grew faster than usual. I will definitely continue to use the product because I have seen better results.

  5. Customer

    the smell is very pleasant leaves the hair soft it arrived super fast I asked for it on 04/04/21 and arrived on 26/04/21 recommend

  6. Customer

    expected a smaller package, but came in a normal size. Fast delivery, safe and sound. I recommend the store

  7. Customer

    Great ! Makes the hair really soft. The doses are a bit small but my hair is long and very thick. I will recommend it when I run out of it.

  8. Customer

    The shipping time for this package is a little long, but luckily the package I received is good. I have been using this for a week, my hair has changed a lot, my hair has become less greasy, and there is less hair loss, I rarely lose hair now, this product did not disappoint me

  9. Customer

    The shampoo smells very nice and the hair becomes strong and supple. I cannot yet say whether they will grow faster with it.

  10. Customer

    In fact, I am half-confident about these things, and I feel that I have been losing a lot every day since two years ago. I am almost depressed. This brand recommended by a colleague, he used this effect is particularly obvious, I bought it. However, after using it for a month, the effect is still there. The scalp is not oily, and there is almost no hair loss. The scalp is also fresher than before. There are several small fluffs on the hairline. I want to stick to it! Not to mention, I’m going to apply the hair lotion, it is really useful, recommended.

  11. Customer

    This is what I bought to my mother, who has used up a whole bottle. The hair grows a lot, and the hair loss is also reduced, I am surprised by this effect, I will buy some more

  12. Customer

    The taste is very good, it is very convenient to use, you can directly drip on the bald head, and then massage gently with your fingers, great product!

  13. Customer

    This is a great product. My second purchase. It moisturizes hair and makes it smoother. Hair loss has also decreased, and everything is fine. Like most products, delivery is very fast. The packaging is also good

  14. I***t

    Получила относительно быстро. Упаковка норм. Про эффективность отпишусь позже….

  15. C***c

    Habe es jetzt zweimal aufgetragen und es fühlt sich gut an. Muss zuerst noch weiter Testen wegen der Wirkung…

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